Our Idera R1Soft CDP backup services are great for keeping secure, automated backups of Xen VPS's, Dedicated Servers and home or business computers. These backups are stored off-site in a secure EU datacentre for redundancy purposes. R1Soft CDP enables you to create automated backups as little as 10 - 15 minutes apart. If you ever loose an important file or make a mistake, then simply restore the data from one of your R1Soft CDP backups. You can also integrate with cPanel to offer file restores to your own customers.

Additional agents (the backup software) are available at a small monthly fee of £6. Each agent can backup 1 server or workstation.
Supports Linux & Windows
R1Soft CDP can take backups from both Linux and Windows. Keep your data safe and secure with our R1Soft backup solutions.
R1Soft Control Panel
Once your order is complete, we give you access to the R1Soft control panel so you can manage your backups with ease.
Bare-Metal Restore
With R1Soft CDP you can quickly restore your entire server or workstation. We also assist with restoring your data.
Database Backups
R1Soft doesn't only backup your important files, it can also backup all of your MySQL or MS SQL databases.
High Speed Network
Our R1Soft backup servers are located in France and connected to a 100Mbit port, allowing for fast and reliable backups.
Managed R1Soft Backups
We can install and configure your R1Soft CDP backups, so that backups are taken at intervals to suit your needs.